Cardbord Boxes & Corrugated Boxes


At Total Concept Logistics we manufacture cardboard/fibreboard boxes using our automated box maker (ABM) for cardboard. Our ABM will cut, slit and fold in one operation and the set up time takes less than 20 seconds with touch screen controls. By selecting the box style and entering the internal dimensions the rest is history.

We will also save your box details for repetitive orders.

Any Box: Makes very small boxes up to the size of a double fridge/freezer. Removal boxes, storage boxes, packing boxes.

Any Style: On demand custom boxes that makes over 20 styles.

Any Size: Makes the exact size box to suit your product.

Any Quantity: Small to medium runs from 1 to hundreds no problem.


The most common box style is the Regular Slotted Container (RSC). All flaps are the same length from the score to the edge. Typically, the major flaps meet in the middle and the minor flaps do not.

0200 Series (Standard Style Boxes)

If you simply want a cost effective packaging and storage solution, then a standard 0201 slotted box is probably what you need. These boxes do not require a cutting form and can be manufactured in�house and delivered to you very quickly. They are supplied flat, ready to use and are easy to seal with adhesive packaging tape, carton box sealer, hot melt adhesive or staples. Alternatively, to ensure that your custom made boxes stand out from the competition, they can be printed with your company name, logo or promotional text in one colour, or from your own artwork in up to 4 colours.

0300 Series (Telescopic Boxes)

This is a 2-piece box consisting of a separate lid and base which allows the box to be adjusted to accommodate the product being packaged. One size can therefore be used to pack a variety of different products. Both sections are delivered flat packed and can be quickly assembled and sealed. Ideal for packaging gifts, clothing, documents, spares etc. Davpack keep many popular sizes in stock, but if you require a bespoke box size, we can supply custom boxes within days.

0400 Series (5 Panel Wraps)

Folder�type boxes and trays, usually consisting of only one piece of board. 5 panel wraps make for easy packing of small or big flat packs, items are stacked flat and the wrap simply folds over to form a rigid box, widely used for catalogues, kits, flat packed furniture and for mailing products. Simple to seal with adhesive packaging tape or hot melt adhesive. Custom made boxes can be ordered and locking tabs, handles, display panels, etc., can be incorporated in the design.

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