Shockwatch Shipping & Handling Monitors

Tilt Watch

This indicator turns red if the product it is affixed to is tilted or completely upended-but remains unaffected by movement due to normal handling conditions and aircraft takeoffs.


Tilt Watch Plus: This indicator provides 360 degrees monitoring - indicating the exact angle of tilt or whether complete overturn occurs.


Impact Sensors Prevent Damage to Fragile Goods

The ShockWatch Impact indicators allow you to ship your fragile, sensitive, and perishable goods without surrendering control of their handling. These effective, attention-grabbing devices act as a strong visual deterrent to unacceptable handling, no matter what you're shipping. Affixed directly to your goods or packaging, our shock sensors detect and record impact and mishandling of fragile, sensitive, or calibrated products during transportation.


Shock Watch Labels


The ShockWatch labels contain a tube filled with red liquid held in suspension. When the device is subjected to an impact exceeding a specified G-level, the shock disrupts the surface tension of the liquid, releasing the highly visible red dye into the length of the tube - creating a permanent and immediate indication of mishandling. Normal movement or road shock won't affect the device - only the specific impacts for which it is designed. Once activated, the device cannot be reset.


Available in five sensitivities, as indicated by the five different colours - simply match the sensitivity of the label to the level of impact the product and packaging can withstand. Activation indicates an impact beyond the predetermined level.


Two things you need to know to select a ShockWatch sensitivity:

Cubic feet of shipment (height x width x depth)

Weight of shipment


Cold Mark

Encased in a cylindrical tube, specially formulated fluids turn from clear to violet when exposed to temperatures below the predetermined activation temperature level. Four activation temperatures cover a broad spectrum of applications. Simply peel the release liner off the back of the indicator and apply the pressure-sensitive adhesive backing to any dry surface to activate and apply. Affixed directly to your products’ packaging, these reliable temperature indicators provide indisputable visual evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature levels, protecting product quality throughout the entire shipping and handling process.

Warm Mark

With this temperature indicator, a proprietary red dye is released onto a blotter to clearly indicate when your shipment is exposed to temperature levels above your predetermined level, creating a permanent and immediate indication of the duration of exposure. Activation of the device is simple - remove the tab and barrier film and apply to a dry surface on your product or packaging.

Warm Mark Duo

This device monitors the exposure and duration of exposure of a product that exceeds two activation temperature levels.

Warm Mark Long Run

This device utilizes the same chemistry proven in the Warm Mark Indicators while allowing for a longer exposure to temperatures that exceed the threshold level.

Heat Watch

This proprietary device monitors products that have been exposed to extremely high temperatures that exceed a specified level. After a minimum of 30 minutes, the device turns from pink to red to indicate unacceptable exposure.

Temp Mark 8

An innovative, cost-effective, disposable temperature-monitoring device for temperature-sensitive shipments. Field-activated and highly accurate, the device records temperature excursions beyond as many as eight thresholds simultaneously. The digital display shows the total number of excursions per threshold, the duration of the longest excursion, and the cumulative duration of all excursions - all the information you need for complete cold chain management.

Shock Watch Mag 2000 Impact Date / Timer

Date/Timer products monitor the handling of fragile goods and freight containers greater than 100 lbs. When an impact occurs, the device provides visible evidence of the event and the angle of impact.

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